This is a vintage pate made in the late 1980's. It was purchased in Rarotonga by visiting New Zealanders and remained in their home as an ornament until last year. It has no signs of being played however the sound is good. Today, most pate carvers use machinery such as chainsaws to hollow out the slit. This pate has been hollowed out with a chisel, testament to it's age. Older pieces such as this often have age cracks. This piece had several surface cracks that have been professionally repaired, pictures of these can be seen below. Older pate like this are very difficult to find today. The MP3 sound sample below is a simple series of hits in the centre of this pate with hardwood sticks, then a short series of hits towards the end of the pate, followed by the centre again.


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TE0001 pate $380 AUD