Djalu approached me with this instrument in 2002 and offered it to me to buy. He told me there was something special about the sound from it, something so significant that his other family members refused to paint it, saying that only Djalu had the right to paint such a powerful yidaki. This is a big instrument, with an even bigger sound. There is a rare depth, richness, warmth and power within it's sound that captives listeners. When playing this instrument, the strength of the vibrations remind me of the sound of thunder, an important Galpu totem. The playing pressure is good for it's size and pitch, with a relatively easy transition from drone to horn tone. Djalu painted this instrument with Wititj the ancestral lightning serpent, an important Galpu clan totem.


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DG0004 Yidaki by Djalu Gurruwiwi. SOLD