I have known Barayuwa for many years now through working at Yirrkala art centre together. He is an exellent yidaki player and maker and I have had the pleasure of watching him develop into a fine artist who is gaining more and more attention and respect in the Aboriginal art industry. Barayuwa called this yidaki ganydjarrmirri, a term that is sometimes used to describe yidaki that have a special powerful quality about them. The term roughly translates as having power, of which this instrument has plenty of. It has a well balanced playing pressure, responding well to both low and high pressure playing styles. It has overall slightly dirty acoustics with a coarse and biting quality. The transition from drone to horn tone is easy. Painted by Barayuwa in earth pigments with sacred miny'tji.


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BM0001 Yidaki by Barayuwa Mununggurr $1080. SOLD