Buwathay is the eldest of the Munyarryun brothers and lives at Dhalinybuy outstation where he is gradually assuming leadership of the community from his fathers Mathulu and Bawurr. He is a respected artist and leader and also a talented yidaki maker. He doesn't make many yidaki, but when he does they are always top quality instruments. Buwathay carefully selects suitable stems and puts a lot of time and effort into maximising their potential. This piece is a great example. It is a light weight instrument of uniform thickness. The acoustics are clear and well defined with good warmth, bass frequencies and volume for an instrument of these proportions. The playing pressure is excellent, responding well to soft and subtle techniques and also high pressure. The transition from drone to horn tone is easy. All round an excellent instrument. It has been painted in earth pigments with sacred Wangurri clan miny'tji depicting the river Dhaliny.


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BU0001 Yidaki by Buwathay Munyarryun. SOLD