This is an excellent example of his Djalu's work, a solid instrument that is typical of his style. The relatively thick walls of this instrument produce a direct and slighty coarse acoustic quality that is full of power whilst retaining good bass frequencies and warmth. It is a smooth playing instrument that responds well to high pressure playing as well as softer and more subtle techniques. The transition from drone to horn tone is excellent, the horn tone being soft but still having a solid punch. The artwork by Dhuwarrwarr is superb. Dhuwarrwarr is a senior Rirratjingu woman who is recognised as an important artist. She has painted this yidaki with a design I have never seen on any other instrument. The design depicts Rirratjingu clan areas of saltwater along the Yirrkala coastline. In all aspects, this is a truly beautiful and very collectable yidaki.


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DG0001 Yidaki by Djalu Gurruwiwi. SOLD