This is an unusually large instrument from Ngongu, typically he makes instruments of much smaller proportions. The internal bore is completely natural from the mouthpiece to the distal end. It plays with plenty of volume, excellent bass frequencies and excellent clarity, without being too bright. Overall it has a warm and rich acoustic quality that I love. The playing pressure is good and is best suited to higher pressure playing, but can also be played softly with ease. The transition to horn tone is easy, the horn tone being soft and smooth. Marrnyula Mununggurr has painted this yidaki. Marrnyula is a Djapu clan woman who has won art awards for her work that is similar to this. This yidaki was made as a unpainted instrument in 2003 and I commissioned Marrnyula to paint it with Djapu clan miny'tj, representing the freshwater river at Wandawuy, the Djapu clan's ancestral home. This is another great piece for any collection.


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NG0001 Yidaki by Ngongu Ganambarr & Marrnyula Mununggurr. SOLD