Yali doesn't make many yidaki, but when he does they are always top quality. This is one of those instruments that doesn't look like much but is full of surprises when played. A well balanced and responsive instrument, typical of Yali's style. It has all the qualities of yidaki that Yolngu would choose to keep for use in ceremony. It has a smooth playing pressure and responds well to soft playing and produces a coarse acoustic texture with high pressure playing. It has great clarity, without being too bright, and has excellent balance between the drone and horn tone. Overall the acoustics are clear and full, with good bass frequencies for an instrument of these proportions. It is lightweight instrument, making it perfect for anyone who moves a lot with their yidaki. This yidaki has been painted with two gudurrku (brolga) which is an important ancestral totem for Yali's clan. The artwork also has sacred Wangurri clan miny'tji, depicting the river Dhaliny, the clan land of Yali's wife who painted this yidaki.


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YM0001 Yidaki by Yali Mununggurr. SOLD