Resonance is an international collective of musicians, animation artists and dancers. The name Resonance describes the relationship between the artists and the message of their work. Resonance artists share the creative intention of promoting conscious connection to the natural environmental systems that govern our planet. Resonance musicians combine a variety of instruments to form unique soundscapes. The music is matched with stop frame and 3d animation interwoven through beds of macro footage. Resonance work as recording artists and on occasion collaborate for live shows.


guest performer

Jeremy Cloake offers his services as a multi-instrumentalist for concerts, theatre and various other stage shows and performance events. Because of the rarity and uniqueness of the instruments Jeremy plays, his guest performances add interesting elements to any show. He has worked on stage with a large variety or artists from all over the world and from many different musical contexts that include world music, jazz, reggae, blues, hip hop, ambient, rock and dance. He enjoys working on interesting and unusual projects and collaborations that push musical boundaries.


world of music

This is an interactive educational performance where Jeremy showcases a variety of unique and interesting musical instruments from around the world. Within this performance are opportunities for audience members to have a go at playing the instruments. It is suited for institutions such as schools and ethnomusicology centres, however on occasion Jeremy performs this show at private events. The performance is usually between forty minutes and one hour in duration and proves to be educational, entertaining and inspiring.