world music sound engineer

Jeremy Cloake has extensive experience in recording, mixing and mastering obscure world instruments using pro-tools software. He has produced several of his own cds, Organic Dance Didjeridu in 1999, Transformation in 2004 and his latest recording, a tuition cd called Balanda Yidaki Dhukarr released in July 2008. More recently Jeremy has mixed and mastered several world music recordings, with one title winning best traditional recording 2011 (Australia). Jeremy offers his specialised skills to recording studios, musicians and production companies. See his full discography here.


multi-instrumentalist and composer

Jeremy offers his skills as a recording artist and composer for music on albums, feature films and documentaries. He plays many rare and unique instruments that can add interesting textures to recordings, form the basis for new compositions or stand alone as unique and interesting music. He has produced several of his own albums and has been a guest musician on many different recordings. Jeremy has collaborated with a large variety of artists from all over the world. He enjoys working on interesting and unusual projects and collaborations that push musical boundaries.


whakairo taonga pūoro

Jeremy Cloake is a meticulous carver of taonga pūoro who makes all of his instruments with utmost care. His skills as a carver and musician enable him to refine his instruments from both perspectives, resulting in excellent musical instruments that are beautufully decorated. He works with NZ greenstone, sperm whale teeth and bone, and NZ timbers. In most cases, Jeremy makes each taonga to individual request as it is important for him to carve it with intention and design relevant to the individual or family he is making it for. For more information about taonga pūoro click here.


supplier of yidaki

Yidaki are didjeridus that are specific to north east arnhemland in Australia’s northern territory, where the instrument originates. The Yolngu (north east arnhemland aboriginal) are masters of making and playing yidaki and are well known for their quality instruments and complex playing styles. Jeremy works in association with Yirrkala art centre as the production and sales manager of yidaki from north east Arnhemland. This involves purchasing, selling and freighting yidaki on behalf of Yirrkala art centre. He supplies many businesses throughout the world with top quality yidaki. For more information click here.


custom made ngoni

Jeremy Cloake often makes n'goni specifically to order. They can be personalised to suit who he is making it for. Jeremy is a meticulous worker who uses only the best instrument parts available, resulting in beautiful instruments that sound fantastic. They are well suited for professional recording use or simply enjoyed as a musical instrument. They are made with 10 strings, tuned in a pentatonic scale. Because of the tuning, all of the strings sound good together. This makes it easy for anybody to play and enjoy. For more information about n'goni click here.