"It was a great pleasure to meet Jeremy Cloake, a man so dedicated to sharing the beauty of music and instruments. Jeremy's passion for his instruments and keenness to see others learn shone through during his teaching workshop, and in the way he allowed me to sit down and pluck away on the beautiful n'goni. It was only after moments that I knew this amazing instrument was for me, not only its lovely sound, but also the beauty of the instrument had me enchanted. I sincerely appreciated the professional manner in which Jeremy interacted and shared his passion for music with me, and I can't wait to work alongside Jeremy in the future," Todd Chaplin, Southern Cross Flutes. www.southerncrossflutes.com


"Got the n'goni, it is beautiful. Thank you so much, I´m like a child at christmas!" Markus Meurer, Germany.


"I ♥ my n'goni." Cassandra Barnett, Aotearoa.


"Thank you so much Jeremy. I love the sound of my n’goni and I can’t stop playing it. It has a nice loud punchy sound, which is exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to learn more!" Lucie Feenstra, Aotearoa.


"Kia ora, I had to try it! I dared to tune the N'goni up to D and it sounds grand. I'm absolutely pleased. That's the sound I know from recordings. We keep in touch and all the best." Hajo, Germany.


"Just a quick message to say how much I am enjoying the beautiful n'goni, it plays itself, I'm sure. It's more than a work of art, it sounds magical." Ian Drower, Aotearoa.


"What a great instrument, so happy I have this. I am having great fun playing. I seem to be getting used to the position, finding a good holding position and sitting position that is constant will come from practice. Very proud of this n'goni and happy with all the special features you have created." Dave Edwards, Aotearoa.


"I'm in love with the instrument, (n'goni) playing every day, and feeling the flow come into my left hand. Already some memorable grooves I'm developing have established themselves and I'm getting a sense of what can happen when the hands move independently rather than playing linear scale riffs. Would love to learn more of the traditional repertoire but all in good time. I feel blessed to have connected with you and I look forward to more." Rob, Bali.


"Nga Awa Hauora has arrived safe and sound. It is magnificent! A beautiful taonga, very warm and powerful. Thank you." Dr Fraser Todd, Aotearoa.


"Hey Jeremy, amazing pūtōrino, so much to explore, I have found the main voices, along with some other quite strange tones when covering the mangai and mouth end and blowing across the smaller end, creates a range of oscillations, even moth like tones, amazing piece bro thanks heaps hope your travels are going well." Tom, Aotearoa.


"Kia ora Heremi, I just wanted to let you know I received Wairere today Thank you so much! Wairere is absolutely beautiful! :) Ngā mihi nui anō mō tēnei tino taonga." Nicola, Aotearoa.


"Jeremy…. I am amazed, delighted, honoured, in awe and very pleased. The porotiti is beautiful and just so significant for me. I saw it and heard it late yesterday." Geoff Dugan, Australia.


"I can feel the strength of your spirit helpers assisting you, as you embody the healing resonance through all your works. No price can really be put on what you are creating. My guidance is to thank you for all the work that you do, in assisting other healers to provide enhanced elements through the deep ancestral heritage that you channel. I love the consciousness of your works living on, and facilitating change into the future." Mariangela, Australia.


"It is such an exciting feeling to think that I can have a pūtōrino directly from you. If you carve your sacred mountain like Aoraki, it will be something more than excitement. My heart is now shaking with warm streams." Ichiro, Japan.


"I’m really glad to have found you! You are incredibly talented with all of your different areas of expertise and your carving is incredible!" Brook, Aotearoa.


"I could not believe to my eyes! What a beautiful shell! and what a beautiful sound she have! you really can hear the softness that gives the wooden mouthpiece.... and what a beautiful handwork you do..... difficult to find the words.. I'm touched from your kindness... very touched.... really thanks a lot! I will play the Putatara as something precious that come from a great tradition of Maori culture and from a great friend!" Gerard Antonio Coatti, Italy.


"Hi there again! Well just read the full story of Pepe. And I have to say thank you, the story really touches my heart. I can sense a deep relation with my own feelings and the way I life - the message from this Nguru serves as a reminder to give life to our loves and passions by expressing them outwardly with truth, respect and integrity - this is exactly were I stand for and what my message is to the people I teach. So it is no coincidence that this Nguru & I meet. Thanks bro, and talk to you soon." Bastiaan Baaij, The Netherlands.


"Thank you for the goods. We just love them. Yes they arrived safe and sound. Your work is just fantastic and the people we have shown them too are also impressed." Helen, Aotearoa.


"I am really enjoying getting to know my new Yidaki, I feel a strong connection through it as if it is specific for my playing. The design and paintwork looks great and the weight is just right. All round an excellent Yidaki. Thank you." Carl, Aotearoa.


"Hi Jeremy, this is a real fantastic instrument!! I don't know the words in English to describe." Michael, Germany.


"I received the Buwathay yidaki today. Played it and I love this one! I have been purchasing yidaki from you since 2001 and you've never disappointed me. Each yidaki from your selection has individual unique characteristics. Yes, this one is all round instrument. Your description of the yidaki was very accurate as usual. I can't be patient to see the next stock on your web! Thanks, bro!" Yasuo (Yas) Karaki, Australia.


"I am indeed very, very happy with the new family member. As a teacher and a friend you really know what I like..............this one does magic to me. I feel privileged you picked this one, because it takes me on a journey in to old school playing. That incredible magic sound that makes my heart smile and my eyes wet. There is so much depth, power and grace in this instrument, it's a piece on It's own. I quite understand why the Grand Master of Yidaki, Djalu had a big smile when he handed this marvel to you. I can hear he enjoyed making this one. Again I feel privileged Jeremy, any many, many thanks bro." Peter, The Netherlands.


"Hi Jeremy, thanks for this amazing instrument. Each time I play it I enjoy it more and more." John, The Netherlands.


"GOT IT!!! NICE!!! thanks so much for giving me a didge with a proper story. the art is stellar!! Sounds good. Price was great. it's really the story that matters most to me. Just can't go to the supermarket and pick one up off the shelf. Thanks again so much for hooking up an average joe. I hate this pay to play, for the rich only, world we've built. Your help means a lot to me. Please give all the folks there my love and support. Be well. Peace." Paul, USA.


"Hello Jeremy, thank you a lot for the excellent Dhapa yidaki. It's very easy to lead and it can be played very balanced. You can play it with a lot of pressure but also very smooth. It's easy to play the horn sound too. So finally it's a very finely manufactured yidaki and it matches with my style of play." Alex, Germany.


"Hello Jeremy, the Yidaki arrived on Monday. It's more beautiful than i saw on skype. I have just played it a short time until yet. The back-pressure is very good. So it's easy to play. The sound is perfect with a smooth trumpet sound. You have absolutly had a good instinct what is right for me. It's how you have said a Yidaki with orce and power. Now i understand that it was hard for you to seperate from this musical instrument. But don't worry. It's in good hands. I will care for it with all it deserves. Thank you again for your efforts that i got a perfect Yidaki. You have exceeded it several times." Alex, Germany.


"Dear Jeremy, the didji is arrived, just in time to bring it with me on holidays! The sound is really high exactly as I wanted, thanks!!" Lorena, Italy.


"First impression: ... ... ... ...!!!!!!! Second impression, Wauw! Now this is what I like! A well balanced instrument with story and some weight to it. It plays like a dream, and keeps drawing new rythms that I never played before. A perfect addition to my personal collection, this one I am going to keep, that's for sure!" Michiel Teijgeler, The Netherlands.


"Thank for the excellent packaging, wonderful instruments, and gifted CDs. Working with someone of your consistent high integrity and professionalism is a real blessing." Colin Goring, England.


"Powerful sound and rich, plenty of backpressure, easy to play... beauty !!! All the best and thank you." Nik, Aotearoa.


"I am most grateful of Jeremy's involvement with the selection of our instruments. Since Jeremy's involvement with the selection process the quality and standard of yidaki has improved beyond belief. Not only is he a superb player, his ability ot scrutinize our exact requirements with a helpful patient approach and all the extra services offered, is a blessing indeed." Melina Shirvanian, Australia.


"Just to let you know that I received the yidaki yesterday. Just what I wanted, fantastic. Thanks again for your assistance." David Thorpe, Australia.


"The yidaki is now at home! It's a very nice piece! The sound and the playing very very nice. If I give a bit much pressure the sound goes out of the nice range. Thank again to search and find out for me such a nice yidaki. All my gratitude." Bruno, Italy.


"I've received Terrence yidaki, and I think it's very wonderful yidaki, thank you very much! It's now in my collections, very meaningful. I'll go along with it in the future. Thank you! Sincerly yours." Taku, Japan.


"After having cautiously played just a bit I can fully understand that you will miss it, one of your favourite yidaki. Yes, it`s very easy to play, the backpressure is excellent, it is very resonant and sooo clear in sound, the transition to the horntones are easy to blow. The acoustics are dark, earthy and very balanced, tongue accents respond with soft-edged wielding THUDS! Great! Additionally, the artwork is really lovely, even beautiful. So thank you again, Jeremy, this yidaki I will keep in respect of the Yolngu culture." Carl, Germany.


"It's AWESOME!!!! A wonderful and magic yidaki. After playing it for a few minutes, my mind felt calm and peaceful... I really like it! and yes you are right, it teaches me pressure control and playing power! :) I think, it is a very good fit for me and exactly the right thing for what I am currently exercising." Matthias, Switzerland.


Hello Jeremy, the yidaki just arrived, it's very impressive, it's very very easy to play (the easiest i've ever experienced) and the sound is absolutely what I prefer. Many thanks!! Bart, Belgium.


"Hi Jeremy, the yidaki arrived yesterday. It´s a really nice instrument which makes a lot of fun to play (hard to play not too much). All the best." Claus Heckl, Germany.


"Hi Jeremy. In the beginning I could not take my eyes off this unique and impressive artwork, but then I additionally could not take my hands, lips, tongue and ears from it...Gosh! I...words fail me to describe all the superb artistic and outstanding playing characteristics of this yidaki...its artwork, acoustic, bass frequencies, transitions, warmth-all is so unique and special that it will always be a challenge for me to improve. This yidaki is a real present! If earth could speak-this yidaki would be able to talk about it!" Carl, Germany.


"Dear J the Yidaki arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I put a bit of wax and I just tried to play it for a minute. It's, as you told me, a warm and rich sound and he is holding the high pressure. Very nice to play and to be in contact with. Thanks for that." Bruno, Italy


"I have to say that I played a few again and I like your Yidaki more and more. This one is a dream, sweet and also likes the power. Love." Bruno, Italy.


"The Yidaki is delivered in excellent condition and it sounds really great :) It has the 'special' sound what I´m looking for, but I have to train to generate it. I`m surprised of the power and the resonance of this 'small' stick :)" Andreas Faatz, Germany.


"Hi Jeremy, in the short times I'm playing the Yidaki, I realise more and more that it is a fantastic stick! Thanks a lot for choosing it!" Michael, Germany.


"I really, really enjoy playing the F yidaki, is quite easy to play, and has a wonderful warm sound, quite amazing, so little wood, and so much character, also the toot on this one is absolutely marvelous, I can really get the long soft changing toots happening on this one ... a real pleasure to play, and I can play it indoors better, cause it is not as loud..." Ray, Austria.


"Very nice indeed, my brother! The Yali Mununggurr you sent me is a dream. Playing him more and more it become better and better and always with some surprises. Thanks for that." Bruno, Italy.


"Hello Jeremy, I have picked up the bag today. I am very happy about holding it in my hands. It is more beautiful than I could see on the picture you sent me. Thank you for your efforts. I hope I will see you as soon as possible." Alex, Germany.


"The n'goni bag arrived. It is well made and I like it has two ways of straps (hand carry and back pack). I like it has a little pocket for spare strings/pick-up too. This bag made it so easy to carry around my kamale n'goni anywhere now. Thanks bro!" Yasuo (Yas) Karaki, Australia.


"The bag is astonishingly beautiful. A piece of art, of outstanding beauty and quality. Craftmanship of a very high standard, not to be found anymore in Europe I'm afraid. It breaths the bondage between the sewers and their material. Their deep connection with the leather. It is soft to feel, creative, it smells wonderful. It is a symbol of the harmony and inter-dependence, relatedness of all human beings and nature." Hilde, Belgium.


"May I thank u very, very much, for choosing a wonderful bag, really, really nice. Martina is happy, we got it today! I am not a bag man, but this piece is quite special, great." Ray, Austria.


"Nicely done on the CD, I love the lay out and all the linear notes and examples. Plenty of stuff to keep anybody busy for a while definately a great edition to the educational materials genre of the instrument, way to go Jeremy!" John Groves, USA.


"Just a quick word to say hi and mostly thanks!! I bought balanda yidaki dhukarr off Greg of didj passion at the airvault festival. It was exactly what i was looking for when i asked you for advice for evolving. Its been a bit more than a week I bought the yidaki and the cd and i'm burstin'off new rhythms with more control, precision and power ever! The cd was exactly what i needed in straightening out what i had learned on my own, knowing and putting a name on the different sounds and the different distinctions in articulation. Being an african drum player aswell i know how much it is important to be able to sing the rhythm and the cd gave me tools to sing what i do on the yidaki. being able to sing has really evolved my playing i can really burst off the different beats i feel as i've said with precision and power!! So many thanks to you Jeremy for your advice and for showing me the way!" Ben, France.


"I have found the CD very very very very useful, informative and I can't recommend it enough to other people, thanks for sending me my copy a while back my playing has as I say come on leaps and bounds." Richard, England.


"Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the mail and CDs! Can’t wait to receive them! Yes this is my favorite didge cd ever. Highest recommendation to the didge lovers!" Sanshi, Australia.


"I just received the 2 cd's and I'm already listening for 20 minutes or so to the 1st one. Damn, this is really very great stuff! And the music is really able to bring you into trance. We want more of this :). I'm very happy with the discs." Bart, Belgium.


"Hi Jeremy! Just wanted to let you know I received the cd from you today! Great stuff! Hope to dive into some practicing with it tonight. Thanks for putting this great info together!!! Love the booklet." Allan Van Leeuwen, USA.


"I received your CDs this week-end, thanks for the rapidity! Hope your French Workshop was a success. Just been listening to them once yet, and already fan! Balanda Yidaki Dhukarr's philosophy is great... just what Balanda "neo-trad'heads" were awaiting I guess. Keep it all up! Cheers." Francis, France.


"I just recieved the CD yesterday. Thanks for the speedy delivery! This is a great tool to help learn traditional techniques and look forward to mastering them! Thanks for producing a quality product." David McGraw, USA.


"I received your CD on Monday, 1 Sept. Thank you very much. The contents of the CD are more than my expectation, like oh... you are teaching and revealing such secret parts in terms of your style. I have been listening to it and practicing along with it every day. I am hoping my technique will refine as good as what I am aiming for. The quality of the sound of the CD and the explanation of the booklet are at very high standard. I am sure people who have been practicing Yolngu style will love it as you have approched into the every little phrase in it. I will keep practicing until I start my recording again!" Yas, Australia.


"Hi Jeremy, I received the prints. Amazing! More beautiful than I had imagined.

Thankyou," Yu, Japan.


"I really regret not starting collecting masks earlier when I have a piece like this. It's a stunner. Ticks all the boxes for age, patina, depth of work, what else can you say, I genuinely love it. Thanks for all the effort getting it, hope I convey my truthful honesty on this, it is just freaking awesome!" Don, Aotearoa.