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Jeremy Cloake is currently composing and recording a new album. Join the email list below to be notified once complete.

For now please take a look through the archival samples below. Enjoy!


DISSOLVE 2003  [sample edit]

Dissolving our differences into a state of unity. This music was composed as a peaceful response to the Bali bombings that happened in October 2002. It combines yidaki, urdu, gamelan and santoor. The video features macro film footage and stop frame animation to evoke a sense of calm. The complete track is over ten minutes in duration.

VENOM 2004  [sample edit]

This piece of music is a high energy composition about the power of human spirit and our innate ability to transform. The title venom refers to the serpent energy and the renewal process of shedding skin, in this case a transformation metaphor. The video features looped electroluminescent light-suit footage together with yidaki and electronic drum and bass.

LIGHTWEIGHT 2004  [sample edit]

This piece of music is a celebration of our beautiful planet and how staying in tune and listening to the natural environment helps us maintain a sense of feeling light. Stop frame animation is combined with bougarabou and berimbau plus electronic beats and various samples from nature.

MICROSOFT 2006  [full version]

Composed for Microsoft Technology Festival 2006, this piece of music combines sounds from the natural environment including birds and frog samples, together with industrial and technology sounds. This was used for a live performance at the festival to promote ideas involving restoring balance between technological development and the natural environment.


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